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Northern Ireland has a new Job Board!


NIjobsearch is a new Job Board in Northern Ireland which we launched back in April this year. Since our launch we have seen the site grow from strength to strength with now over 300 live jobs and multiple companies using us as their preferred advertising tool.


So what makes us different than the rest? Why should you use NIjobsearch?



  • Better options and offers at a reduced cost!


Until April this year, three main job boards prevailed within the recruitment industry in Northern Ireland. Due to the lack of competition in this area, the cost of advertising jobs and roles has remained constantly high.

Our aim is to offer the same service and more! NIjobsearch will offer companies the opportunity have more options while reducing their costs. Advertising with us can be as little as £95 per month!



  • Social Media is the key!


Although NIjobsearch was only launched in April we bring over 10 years’ experience working within the recruitment and advertising industries so we know what we are doing and we will do it well.

Social media is now the key factor in recruitment. NIjobsearch is built around advertising and SEO but we have also built the site around social media. Since launching 80% of our applications have been received through social media and the number continues to grow.



  • Couldn’t be easier!


We have created a very user friendly Job Board for both candidates and employers. As you add a job to the site, you can navigate through the steps with ease and your job is posted in very little time with hardly any effort.

However, the biggest advantage is for the candidates (and let’s be honest it would not be a success without them!). Candidates like steps to be easy and quick when applying for a job. They could apply while on the bus, while on their lunch break or even while on their computer in their current employment! This is why we have made it possible for candidates to apply for the role they are interested in in the most effective and productive way! One of NIjobsearch’s biggest advantages is it’s simple “click and apply” method which saves a lot of precious time, gaging a lot more interested parties.


So there you have it, a new NI job board that does more for both clients and candidates. Our packages start from £95 per month up to £750 for annual contracts. If you have a recruitment drive that is likely to last more than a month but not for a  whole year we also have customised packages available that we can tailor to your specific needs.


Please take a look and see what you think at nijobsearch.com


For more information you can call us on 02891451351 or email info@nijobsearch.com


NIjobsearch continues to grow