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Here at nijobsearch we know how important it is to find the right candidates for your positions. This is why we have created a great job board that makes it very easy to find good candidates.

Recruitment in NI can be very difficult, if fact many reports show that finding top candidates in all sectors is lowering throughout the UK. This obviously makes it harder to attract staff to your business. Here at NIjobsearch we appreciate that and that is why our aim is to make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply and find jobs even if they might not necessarily be looking work in NI. We do this by promoting your jobs not just on our website but also on all social media channels so people see it without visiting our website.

Over 80% of our customers employ candidates from our site and find it an easy way to recruit in Northern Ireland. Take a look at the site and you will see we have many Jobs in NI available for candidates to view and apply for.

We have a great team behind our business ranging from over 14 years recruitment in NI experience and people with excellent knowledge within the job sectors in Northern Ireland. Due to this we understand the importance of finding the right staff for your business and we know how important it is to assist you quickly at a cost that helps you drive back your recruitment budget as recruitment can be costly if not done correctly. Jobs in NI can be hard to fill due to the size of our population but also many people do not move often in NI. In fact reports show that many people with Jobs in NI tend to stay in their current roles even if they are unhappy as they don’t like change. Reports also show that people in NI tend not to travel as far as other people within the UK and Ireland do.

If you have used a job board before we would encourage you to give us a try and we believe you will not be disappointed, we even assist you to recruit staff at no extra cost. New to online jobs in Northern Ireland? Let us take care of your recruitment for you as we would love to show you how we can attract candidates to your current positions.

Please contact us if you have any questions as we would love to hear from you.