NIjobsearch Costs

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We appreciate and understand that recruiting can be a costly service but it really doesn’t need to be. At NIjobsearch our goal is to make jobs in NI affordable while covering all areas of the recruitment process.

By doing this we offer different services to help your business needs.

If you are only looking to advertise a job and look after the recruitment yourself, you can take out either the 14 day package or 30 day package that is outlined below:

Looking for extra support?

We can also offer you an extra service that other job boards in NI don’t. Many online jobs boards in Northern Ireland will advertise you jobs and wait for candidates to apply for you job. If they do great and you and the job board are happy! But what if you don’t get any good candidates and the advert is finished? You did not make a hire so you are no further on but the job board still got paid and moves on or you could advertise again at the same cost.

At NIjobsearch you can advertise your job for 30 days but unlike just waiting for candidates to hopefully apply we will work hard in the background to find suitable candidates for you like an agency does.

Our team have over 10 years experience each working within Northern Ireland Recruitment and we have the knowledge and skills to search for candidates for you in other ways while your job is still advertised. Many companies advertise on job boards and then engage with local recruitment agencies which is two separate costs. Now you can do both with us so you can manage the whole process in one place at a manageable cost.

We can offer you this service for £500 per month with no extra cost once candidates get hired. No long term contract and you pay monthly and you can start, stop or pause monthly so you have full control of you recruitment costs.

To find out more about this service please email or contact us quoting the pay as you go service.