Recruitment Agencies Belfast

Recruitment Agencies Belfast

Looking to recruit in Northern Ireland? Many companies like to use Recruitment Agencies Belfast to help them find the right employees for them. This however can be an expensive way to recruit staff in Northern Ireland!

Now don’t get me wrong, I personally worked in recruitment agencies for 13 years before starting NIjobsearch and I do know the cost behind headhunting and advertising jobs for clients and at times the cost can be justified but not always. I also understand that some companies out there need agencies to assist them and they do a great job for them so why try something new, right?

Wrong!!! What if you could advertise your jobs on an online job board and get a recruitment service through them also meaning you would not have to use a job board and Recruitment Agencies Belfast. Doing this for one job can cost you £2000 minimum yes that’s right, minimum. How did I get this amount? Well it’s simple, one advert in a well known job board in NI on average is £500 for 30 days. Then to include an agency and if you hire through them it will cost you £1500 minimum depending on the jobs salary. The higher the more money.

As I have already said, I understand the cost of agencies and we have nothing against them, in fact we would welcome any Recruitment Agencies to advertise with us but what if you had a new way to recruit your staff and for a low cost, would you consider it?

Recruitment Agencies Belfast

At NIjobsearch you can advertise your jobs on our website and get great exposure to candidates in Northern Ireland seeking work. We have many NI Jobfinders looking work on a daily basis. After the job advert and if you might be still looking more candidates we can assist you by looking more candidates for you. We have a team of qualified recruiters that have many years experience finding staff in NI. So if you are thinking of using an agency and not a job board why not give us a try first.


Please see the general costs below. If you are looking the recruitment service we can offer you this on a monthly pay as you go basis that at £300 per month (this is additional to the cost for advertising on the site). You can start and stop anytime you wish with no contract or cancelation fees.


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