Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs

Many companies in Northern Ireland offer both full time and part time jobs in NI. With many companies now being more flexible with working hours, part time jobs are getting more and more popular and a great way for people to have a great work/family life balance.

Part time work can be a great option for people who have other commitments during the week such as school/university, family/hobbies and looking after their own children. This type of work can be very helpful and flexible as most working hours would be (but not limited to) evenings and weekends or in some cases weekends only.

At NIjobsearch we have many jobs available for you to view and apply for, both fulltime and part time jobs. Below is a list of all the part time jobs we have available. We encourage our clients to put down as much information as possible regarding the hours and days required as this is an important part of the working hours people can commit to.

Jobs under 35 hrs per week used to be very hard to find and some would argue that there still is not enough out there but what has changed is that there now is more opportunities throughout Northern Ireland now than there ever has been for shorter working hours.

At NIjobsearch we believe it is important that all candidates are able to find suitable jobs they are looking for and that is why we have created a separate page for less hours and contract positions.

If you are also looking to advertise part time roles please get in contact or simply post your job live today with us as we have many clients that are advertising with us and hiring staff through our services. From candidates applying from throughout NI we have you covered.