How to make a Resume that attracts Recruiters

How to make a Resume that attracts Recruiters

The Northern Ireland job market has grown considerably in size, considering how healthy the local economy has been within the past few years.

As more job openings are available, you may have noticed that the growth of local businesses has also created more opportunities for job hunters to land a well-paying gig. No matter how much we can talk about openings and growing job listing numbers, there’s one aspect that never changes: the difficulty of making a resume that recruiters will adore.


The difficulty of writing the right resume

Admittedly, the process of creating a resume itself is one that’s a lot easier said than done because of the sheer number of details and possibilities that have to be considered.

The difficulty of putting your life’s work on one piece of paper for a requirement is even more significant when you consider that recruiters go through dozens of resumes a day. Over time, you’re bound to realise that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” resume-writing strategy or template that suits the standards of every recruiter. Whether you’re applying for a job in the finance industry or into the world of renewable energy, every hiring manager you’ll run into is different.

Amid all the worries that you may have in mind, however, there might be one question that’s guaranteed to be even more prominent: “How do I draft a resume that’s guaranteed to attract any recruiter?”


Answering the question at hand with all the right tips

Although NIjobsearch specifically caters to hosting an online job board where any aspiring applicant can find the career of their dreams, we still get many inquiries on what makes a winning resume. Because of this, we’ve put together two practical tips based on our experience that can help you impress a recruiter for any kind of listing you’re looking at:


Tip #1: Always tailor your resume content to the job

 If there’s anything that’s bound to win any recruiter over and put your resume in the “for processing” pile, it’s a keen attention to detail of what a hiring company is looking for.

It may not seem like much at first, but creating a resume that answers all the keywords in a job listing and solidifying your skills to the role can make a world of difference. By taking the time to create a resume that checks out on all the boxes, you can pass the high barrier of entry and establish yourself as the candidate for the job.

This is the kind of attention to detail that headhunters often look for when telling good candidates apart from new ones; take the time to ensure that your resume is tailored to the job!


Tip #2: Show results over skills

Among the different ways that you can impress any recruiter seeking to fill a role, there’s no doubt that explicit, actionable results are bound to merit more intrigue above all else.

Although your career day in college may have emphasised listing down the various skills you possess, nothing shows your aptitude for a job than results from your past experiences. Instead of saying that you’re a “determined individual with a keen eye for results”, showing reports of your actions generating a 25 per cent increase in sales will work much better in winning a recruiter over.



Though the idea of creating a resume that will help you surpass the competition in a recruiter’s pile may seem like a daunting task, considering the right tips will easily make a world of difference. Through the help of the two critical points mentioned above, you can ensure that your application and resume will stand out and make your services more desirable in no time!

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