How to help your recruiter find you a job

Recruiters are an important part of the job search for many of us and many of us have used them during our career. Some people love them and some people hate them but either way, it has to be said they do help many people find jobs in ni.

They have far reaching contacts in a variety of industries, know hundreds of different roles and job types, and have resources that can enhance any job search in Northern Ireland.

From our experience we have outlined a few tip below to help you find NI Job
Ask your recruiter what the next steps are and what you are to expect after meeting them:

Everyone likes to communicate in their own way and maybe because you would rather email than lift the phone to talk it does not mean it is the best way to communicate. Lifting the phone to talk to them, even for a few minutes will build your relationship with them and will get them to gain your trust and go out of their way for you as they see you as a great candidate

Do make the process simpler.

Make sure you know what you want from the NI job search, come prepared with examples of jobs you have seen advertised, and examples of what you’ve done in the past that make you the right person for this type of role. Let your recruiter know what the deal breakers are in a job offer so they don’t waste time on a job you’re never going to take.
Keep in contact and appreciate the recruiters job.

Recruiters need to deal with multiple clients and candidates. If they take the time to help you, show genuine appreciation. Being grateful and will raise your brand in the eye of the recruiter. As mentioned, a recruiter has a responsibility to show their clients good candidates. Having a good relationship with your recruiter builds that relationship, make them want to put you forward and sell you to the employer.

Don’t disrespect your recruiter.

This sounds bad but you would not honestly believe how critical people can be to recruiters due to a bad experience with another recruiter. If you do this it will not happen from the start as a recruiter will not want to put you forward. I appreciate there are some bad recruiters out there but many are really good at their job and it’s not their fault what happened in the past.

Don’t be secretive about who you’ve approached. 

There’s nothing worse for a recruiter than contacting a company on your behalf to find that your CV is already on file there. Honesty is really important when dealing with a recruiter.