Tips in Creating an Effective Cover Letter

Tips in Creating an Effective Cover Letter

If you want the recruiter to notice your job application, you should have a quality cover letter. No matter how brilliant or accomplished you are, keep in mind that sending only your CV would not do you any good. Your cover letter is what would interest your potential employer into considering or interviewing you. This document typically contains a brief description of who you are, why you are fit for the role, and your relevant experience and skills.


How A Cover Letter Works

If your application has a cover letter, you probably know that it is the first document that your employer will read. They do not always jump to your CV to get a glimpse of your experience. The cover letter usually acts as their filter to make the recruitment process more manageable.


A Poor Cover Letter

Consider your cover letter a failure if it has any of the following mistakes:

  • Is poorly written or does not clearly state why you are the best candidate for the job
  • Has bad grammar
  • Has several spelling mistakes

Committing any of these errors would surely leave your application on top of the rejected pile. Since a cover letter should be short and straightforward, take the time to review it before submitting it to any recruiters.


Tips to Make an Effective Cover Letter

Here are four tips on how to improve the content of your cover letter:


Make an excellent first impression

The saying ‘first impression last’ is still valid in the recruitment world. There is no other way they can judge you but by how you present yourself. When writing your cover letter, make sure to start your self-introduction strong or whatever characteristic you have that you think is needed for that job. Addressing the person named in the job advertisement instead of using the general term “hiring manager” or “to whom it may concern” would help create that personal connection better as well.


Show that you know what you are applying for

Knowing that an applicant did their research, such as searching what the company does or what the role is for, only shows the applicant’s enthusiasm. It is not only a positive impression, but it also reveals the person’s passion and seriousness about the job application.


Showcase only what is relevant and is best

A part of your letter should tell the employer why you are perfect for the role. In this section, you should be able to summarise your skills and experience, and only use those qualifications and experiences you think would be helpful for your application. Review the job description and match all the highlighted requirements they are looking for with the qualities and experience you have – this speeds up their evaluation of your application.

Other skills that show you are competent and can foster good relationships with other people could also help. You can highlight different strengths, such as problem-solving abilities and interpersonal skills, if needed for the job.


End it with a call-to-action

End your cover letter by pleasantly asking the employer to contact you or take their next step before you say your gratitude. This action is crucial because it shows that you are keen on meeting them, and it is a positive way to end your self-introduction.



Keep in mind that a well-drafted cover letter showcases your professionalism. Believe it or not, it is already a reflection of your personality and character as well. Consider the four tips shared above for your next application, and it would improve your chances of landing that job.

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