Applied Systems Creates 50 Jobs in Belfast


Applied Systems Creates 50 Jobs in Belfast

Applied systems is a well known company with offices across the Globe with its main office in Chicago. In 2016 they acquired relay software and they now plan to open a new office in the Gasworks in Belfast to support their growth across the globe.

Applied systems create and license cloud based software within the insurance market and is rapidly becoming the most widely used broker management system in the world.

The 50 jobs in Belfast will take place over over the next year with 19 of them already in place. The jobs in Belfast will help support the UK client base and offer 24/7 support for North America and support products globally.

Applied Systems see Belfast as a great place to find excellent talent in the IT engineering sector and with the support of the countries universities is the reason they chose Belfast.


Applied Systems has offices in North America, Canada, Republic of Ireland and the UK.