7 Must-Have Soft Skills for Candidates in All Industries

7 Must-Have Soft Skills for Candidates in All Industries

Searching and applying for jobs can be challenging. You could spend hours visiting online job centres before you find the best role for you. You would make your life easier if you understand how your skillset translates to each job you’re considering.

Apart from the ‘hard’ skills needed in the job—proficiency in mathematics for financial analysts, for example—you also need ‘soft’ skills. These are non-quantitative features that all employers want in workers. Here is a list of some of the most sought-after soft skills, no matter the industry.


Excellent communication skills

Speaking with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders is an integral part of conducting business. Demonstrating good communication skills will help you deliver good results and stay productive at work. Employers want a confident, articulate person who can compile reports, draft e-mail correspondence, and create value through words.


Being great at organisation

Sustained work requires you to stay focused, prioritise among equally essential matters, and achieve project milestones. Therefore, organisation skills are also a must. If you are still working on your workplace organisation skills, you can cite community involvement, extracurricular work from when you were a student, and volunteer experience.


Submitting tasks on time

An offshoot of good organisation skills is promptness and punctuality. Logging in and completing tasks on time, ensuring that you are where you must be on a workday, and submitting documents before they are due are all necessary for keeping things running smoothly at an office.

Experience in working from home or having a flexible working arrangement is valuable, especially for employers who give a large amount of independence to their workers.


Willingness to learn

Whether you’re looking for jobs in Northern Ireland, in Scotland, or anywhere else, evidence of personal development will always be a plus. You do not need to meet all the criteria in a job search, but recruiters do look for indicators that you are willing to grow and gain new skills.


Positivity and cheerfulness

Friendliness and a positive attitude are things that employers value greatly. No one is happy 100 per cent of the time, but it is always more pleasant to work with a person who does not let personal feelings or circumstances get in the way of their job.


Capacity for problem-solving

Creative solutions to problems will be valuable, especially to the leaders of your company. Being able to think out of the box is an asset, so highlight instances where you showed this in previous work experience. Another thing you should emphasise is an ability to remain calm while addressing a work issue.


Being a team player

The ability to work with others on projects is practically a requirement in most corporate settings. Even if you work alone for the most part, there will always be instances where you must collaborate with people from other departments. No one likes working with a standoffish, prickly person; if you are good at bringing diverse opinions and personalities together, it will be great to include this in your CV.



When you create your CV, do not just focus on your work experience, certifications, and other ‘hard’ evidence for job fit. Recruiters are also looking for signs that you will fit in with company culture; talking about your soft skills will help you when you make your case.

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