4 Questions that will impress Interviewers

4 Questions that will impress Interviewers

Looking for a job in today’s uncertain climate provides a new set of challenges job seekers have never dealt with before. For starters, job seekers today are much more educated than those a few decades ago, which makes competition fairly stiff. You’ll want to make sure that you nail each interview question thrown your way in order to impress interviewers, but if you really want to make an interview memorable, you’ll have to know the right questions to ask.

An interview isn’t just to determine your fit for the company—it’s also about making sure the company is a good fit for you! Asking strategic questions during your interview will not only tell you important information about the company, but it will also demonstrate your preparedness as a candidate. Here are four questions that are sure to impress interviewers while making sure you’re compatible with the company:


How Does This Company Define and Measure Success?

Understanding the company’s approach to success is indicative of the atmosphere in its culture and workplace. Asking this question will give you insight into how stringent or lenient they are with their employees’ growth. It also demonstrates if they’re truly interested in investing in their employees while nudging them towards the path of the company’s success.

Asking this question will definitely impress the interviewer, too, since it gives them the notion that you’re interested in helping the company achieve success. It shows your drive and initiative to perform, and that you’re looking well beyond the job description.


What is the Most Important Thing I Can Accomplish in the First Two Months?

This question is sure to distinguish you among candidates because it reveals your desire to make an impact within the company. You want to be an asset to the company and you want to make sure you’re indispensable, and this question is a great way to signal this ambition to the interviewer.

However, it’s also very telling of the company. If the interviewer provides a vague answer, then they might not have a clear vision of how your job contributes to the company’s success—which indicates that there isn’t much growth in the opportunity, either. You’re better off working for a company that has clear expectations of a role that is both ambitious and doable.


How Long is the Average Tenure of an Employee?

Staff attrition is something you definitely want to look out for in a company. A business that’s essentially a revolving door for employees is one you want to steer clear of; after all, there are reasons that people keep leaving. It could point to bad management, no growth opportunities, or a lack of stability or job security. Meanwhile, companies that have an average tenure of five or more years—especially if it consists of young people—is definitely something you’ll want to consider.

Asking this question also tells the interviewer that you’re interested to spend a significant time in that company, which is always appreciated. Your interviewer will definitely keep this interest in mind when evaluating your application.


How Will You Judge My Success?

This question is especially impressive to an interviewer because it shows your commitment to performing well. Providing concrete indicators and criteria will tell you that they have a clear picture of what success looks like in this role, which points to a company that is well-organized and clear in what they want.

The interviewer’s response will also be very telling of the company’s attitude towards performance. If they have unreasonable expectations for success, it likely points to an overly critical management style that will make you incredibly unhappy and stressed out.



During a job interview, you’ll be interviewing the company just as much as they’ll be interviewing you. Both parties have to make sure that it’s a compatible fit in order to find the success you both want. By asking these four questions, you’ll be setting yourself apart from other candidates while finding out the true nature of the company.

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