Business Career Tips for Young Adults with Disabilities

Business Career Tips for Young Adults with Disabilities


If you’re a young adult with a disability, entering the workforce might seem like a daunting task. However, the business world can be a great option for those looking for a fulfilling and stable career. With the right education, skills, and resources, you can thrive in a business career. In this article, NIjobsearch explores some of the fundamental steps involved in pursuing a career in business as someone with a disability.


Organize Your Job Search Records


The job search involves a number of important documents. Keeping everything organized is essential for appearing professional and demonstrating your competence to leaders in the business world. Digitizing your job-related documents will also make it easier to manage important information and ensure it’s always accessible. If you need to make edits to your resume, reference list, portfolio, or job applications, this tool may help you convert PDFs to editable Word files. Just upload your PDF document, convert the file to Word, then make your edits and save the file as a PDF again for easy storage and sharing.


Learn Effective Networking Practices


Networking is an important soft skill that can benefit candidates in all industries but is especially important in business. Attending in-person networking events will allow you to establish and maintain professional relationships with individuals in the business industry. By building a network of trusted colleagues and professionals, you’ll increase your visibility and credibility within the field, which can be particularly beneficial if you’re new to the workforce. If in-person networking is challenging due to your disability, consider using social media and virtual networking tools to expand your reach.


Find a Mentor


A career mentor can provide invaluable support and guidance as you navigate the process of hunting for your first job. Your mentor will offer advice on career development strategies, help you build important life skills, and provide encouragement and motivation when you need it most. If you can find a business mentor who has a disability, they’ll also be able to provide insights into the unique challenges and opportunities you may encounter and offer guidance on how to navigate these effectively. 


Secure an Internship


Getting work experience through an internship is a great way to open up career opportunities and decide what type of job you’d like best. explains that many schools will let students take time off to gain work experience, which can relieve the stress of juggling an internship and coursework at the same time. Your school might even have connections with local employers and can help you find a placement that is suitable for you and your disability.


Land an Accessible Entry-Level Job


If you have a disability, landing an entry-level job can feel a little more challenging. Your best bet is connecting with inclusive employers, focusing on companies that have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. You can research these companies online, connect with disability-focused groups, or reach out to your school’s career center for suggestions. Online job-search engines can also help you find entry-level job opportunities that will accommodate your disability. For example, you’ll be able to filter your search results based on specific requirements such as flexible work arrangements or disability-friendly workspaces. 


When you interview for your first business role, be sure to request any accommodations you may need in order to perform the essential functions of the job. Employers are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations to applicants or employees with disabilities and cannot discriminate against you based on your disability. 


Pursuing your first job as a young adult with a disability can be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. With the right mindset, education, skills, and resources, you can establish yourself in the business world and achieve your career goals! Digitize your job search records, hone your networking skills, find a mentor, and secure an entry-level job that is accessible and empowering. Hard work will help you overcome any challenges that come your way!


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